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Complete Weight System:

New Premium Ergonomic-Grips, Complete Custom Weights, And Made-To-Fit Back Straps



You're looking at a set of hand weights with your new ergonomic grip kit plus black back straps. Each weight in this photo is 5 lbs. You'll be holding 11 1/2 lbs in each hand. All AMF or Lion Sports Heavyhands add-on weights will fit onto these handles. You'll have the option to change out Heavyhands weights for the workout that feels right for you. You won't believe the pump you'll get while walking with 11 1/2 lbs. in each hand.



You are looking at all the components for a complete set of Heavyhands:

4 x 5 lbs. steel weights

2 ergonomic grip kits

2 black back straps


Your new ergo grips will fit like a glove, making your workouts less painful by protecting your wrist and joints so you can go longer and harder. Before, I was using the original foam grip that came with my first set of Heavyhands, but since I have been using these grips, my calluses have virtually disappeared.

All AMF and Lion Sports Heavyhands add on weights will screw onto these shafts. Notice the ledge above the top of my thumb. During upswings, this ledge helps propel the weights with more force, taking pressure off your fingers and distributing the force to the top part of the hand. It's hard to explain but you'll feel the difference during your very first Heavyhands walk workouts.



The snug back straaps are perfect. I like a tight fit. I have 4 or 5 sets of the AMF and Lyons handles and have wrapped them with tape and resorted to using a sticky underarmor glove to get the desired tightness, but who wants to use a glove in warm weather. I just ordered the the 2 1/2 pound weights. Like I told you , I have done heavyhand walking since Dr. Schwartz wrote his book. Your handles take it to a more productive and enjoyable level. Dr. Schwartz would have loved them. They are worth their weight in gold.

Dr. Neil Katx



Assembling these back straps is a piece of cake. To assemble, first unscrew the weights and detach your back strap. Then, place the black ring into the shaft and screw on your Heavyhands weight of choice. Be sure the black flanged washers are in place and the weights you select are securely tightened to the handles. The best procedure is to hold the hand weight horizontally and grasp the weighted ends. Twisting each end in opposite directions will tighten both simultaneously. Simply reverse the procedure to loosen the weights. Avoid holding the weights by the rubber portions to tighten or loosen.  If you are looking for customized weights, contact me.

This is a soft rubber material that will not absorb sweat. This ergonomic grip can be easily cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners, bleaching agents, or the use of stiff brushes. The texture throughout the exterior of the grip will keep your hands in contact "without slipping" even during your most vigorous Heavyhands workouts.

Grip Without Slip

We've designed an extended palm pad that really helps when you're doing overhead presses and flys. Having this extra material to push against during your workouts takes an enormous amount of pressure off the bone of your fingers and allows you to do more overhead work compared to pushing up on a soft foam bar.

You're going to thank me after just one Heavyhands walking workout for how much more functional these grips feel to your hands compared to a foam coated bar. And you'll be surprised at how hard and fast you can go pumping your weights with these grips. Kiss your wrist and joint pain goodbye when you switch to the Ergo Grip Kit. They actually start to feel like an extension of your hand.


These weights will last you a lifetime. They won't crack, puncture, chip, or break. Sand or water won't come pouring out of them. You can even customize the color to suit your needs. I personally think the silver looks great with the black straps. Note that these handles are not identical. One is molded for your left hand and one is for the right in order for users to secure an optimum grip.


Notice how the back strap is behind my knuckles. This innovative and patented back strap feature spares the muscles of your hand and forearm from overstraining and cramping. It delays fatigue and promotes proper form and skillful performance. Your back strap may also be positioned across the fingers between the knuckles and first finger joints if that is more comfortable. The strap design is self-adjusting, allowing the handle to accommodate itself to hands of varying sizes and shapes. Although the foam is very strong and durable, care should be taken not to overstretch the strap.


Avoid gripping too tightly, and let the back straps do some of the holding for you. Gripping too tightly during prolonged exercise can cause cramping and early fatigue.

It is advisable to start with smaller weights and gradually add on additional weight as you become stronger and more accustomed to the workout.  All of our custom weights are easily interchangeable to suit your changing capability.

The standard weighted ends, combined with the handle itself measure in at 1 1/2lbs. It's desirable to have a variety of weighted ends available in order to keep your workouts fresh. Twist-on weights are offered to increase the hand weights from 2-20 lbs.
If you don't have the back straps, hang in there, I have them.

Question or order e-mail senoff.michael@gmail.com


Hello Michael,

Received the HH weights yesterday!!! Brilliant!!!

I went out this morning for my workout and was immediately taxed by the extra weight!!! Wow what a wimp!!! However, once I warmed up I initiated my regular routine and was able to cut the reps by more then half with a real serious burn. Definitely took the workout to another level! Thanks for reminding me to take it easy and not get hurt. 

Thanks brother for a great product! While not cheap it is money well spent!! 





Custom Heavyhands Weights Made To Order For Men Email Senoff.Michael@Gmail.com or Call or Text 858-692-9461 For Special Order, Lead Time and Weights