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New Premium Ergonomic-Grips For Weights Over 3 lbs Per Hand

Heavyhands VS dumbbells, wrist weights and weighted gloves.

Heavyhands Weights Don't Grow On Trees - See How They' re Made

New Premium Ergonomic-Grips Complete Custom Weights And Made To Fit Back Straps


Your looking at a set of hand weights with your new ergonomic grip kit plus black back straps. Each weight in this photo is 5 lbs. You'll be holding 11 lbs in each hand. All AMF or Lion Sports heavyhands ad on weights will fit onto these handles. You'll have the option to change out heavyhands weights for the workout that feels right for you. You won't believe the pump you get walking with 11 lbs in each hand.


You are looking at all the components for a complete set: Four 5lb steal weights, two ergonomic grip kits and two black back straps.

Your new ergo grips will fit like a glove making your workouts less painful protecting your wrist and joints so you can go longer and harder. Oh, and since I have been using these grips my calluses have virtually disappeared. Before, I was using the original foam grip that came with my first set of heavyhands.

All AMF and Lion Sports heavyhands add on weights will screw onto these shafts. Notice the ledge above the top of my thumb. During upswings, this ledge helps propel the weights with more force taking pressure off your fingers and distributing the force to the top part of the hand. It's hard to explain but you'll feel the difference on your very first heavyhand walk workout with these babies.


Assembling these back straps is a piece of cake. Even a baby could do it. All you do is unscrew the weights and detach your back strap. Then, place the black ring into the shaft and screw your heavyhand weight of choice. Be sure the black flanged washers are in place and the weights you select are securely tightened to the handles. The best procedure is to hold the handweight horizontally and grasp the weighted ends. Twisting each end in opposite directions will tighten both simultaneously. Simply reverse the procedure to loosen the weights. Avoid holding the weights by the rubber portions to tighten or loosen.  If you want custom made weight call or text 858-692-9461


This is a soft rubber material that will not absorb sweat. This ergonomic grip may be easily cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Avoid abrasive cleaners, bleaching agents, or the use of stiff brushes.  The texture throughout the exterior of the grip will keep your hands in contact "without slipping" even during your most vigorous heavyhands workouts.

Grip Without Slip

We've designed an extended palm pad that really helps when your doing overhead presses and flys. Having this extra materials to push against take an enormous amount of pressure off the bone of your fingers and allows you to do more overhead work compared to pushing up on a soft foam bar. Ouch! @#$@%!


You're going thank me after just one heavyhand walking workout for how much more functional these grips feel to your hands compared to a foam coated bar. And you'll be surprised at how hard and fast you can go pumping your weights with these grips. Kiss your wrist and joint pain goodbye when you switch to the Ergo Grip Kit. They actually start to feel like and extension of your hand.

These weights will last you a life time. They won't crack, puncture, chip or break. Sand or water won't come pouring out of them. You can paint them any color you like. I personally think the silver looks bad ass with the black back straps. Very manly - If I say so myself.


Note these handles are not the same. One is molded for your left hand and one is for your righty. It's funny because it took me some time to figure out how to even grab these grips. But once you got them locked in tight, you'll be on your way to an incredible headyhands workout.

Notice the back strap is behind my knuckles. This innovative and patented “back strap” feature spares the muscles of your hand and forearm from overstraining and cramping. It delays fatigue and promotes proper form and skillful performance.

Your back strap may also be positioned across the fingers between the knuckles and first finger joints if that is more comfortable.

The strap design is self-adjusting, allowing the handle to accommodate itself to hands of varying sizes and shapes.

Although the foam is very strong and durable, care should be taken not to overstretch the strap.

Avoid gripping too tightly. It will help to consciously relax your grip during exercise. Let the back straps do some of the holding for you. Gripping to tightly during prolonged exercise can cause cramping, and early fatigue.


Once you twist-off your heavyhand weights off the shaft, you'll be able to detach the back strap and then you will just attach it to your new ergo grip kit . There is another important advantage of this weight set. The diameter of the steel shaft is a bit smaller than the diameter of the grip. This is an advantage because when you are pumping these weights the force on down strokes will cause the weights to rotate. And with a shaft and grip as one will cause the weights to unscrew off the shaft. Having some play in between the shaft and the grip lets the shaft rotate keeping the end weights intact.


The ergo grips are rubber and flexible. As you twist-on and tighten your weights to the shaft, they will compress the back straps and handle. Just screw your weights on tight so they don't loosen during your workouts.

Hi Michael, tried out the new custom flex straps and they work great! Actually, I would like to get another pair the same size as these for my five pounders.

I have been doing heavyhands for several months now. Originally tried it with regular dumbbells, but it didn't work very well. I never thought much of heavyhands until I started reading up on it and was able to buy a book on it and a pair of the heavyhands dumbbells. The handles are key to making it work and with heavier weights, such as the ones that you sell.




It is advisable to start with smaller weights, and work gradually upward to the heavier ones.  All of our custom eights are easily interchangeable to suit your changing capability.

The standard weighted ends, combined with the handle itself, equal one-pounders. It's desirable to have a variety of weighted ends on hand. Twist-on weights are available to increase the handweights from two-through-twenty pounders.

If you don't have the back straps, hang in there, I have them. Question or order e-mail


You will LOVE LOVE LOVE the look and the feel of these ergonomic GRIPS in your hands.

If you already have other HEAVYHANDS AMF weights, the weights and the all AMF foam back straps WILL fit onto the these handles kits so you can switch your weights out to very your workouts and training.

However, we strongly recommend using the patented heavyhand handles with our new custom modified grip handle for walking if you are using weights between 4 and 15 lbs in each hand.

These new grips are totally new in the aerobic hand weight category.

We've developed a ergonomic handle that feels incredible while walking and pumping with your Heavyhands weights.

Say goodbye to the old dirty foam material from the 1980s.

Foam handles absorb and hold sweat, absorbs bacteria and they get filthy dirty like and old kitchen dish sponge.

We've updated the look and feel to your Heavyhand weights.

This new ergonomic handle is in my opinion is more comfortable than the straight foam grips you see from the old days.

You've got a place to position your thumb and fingers.

This will comes in handy with your up swings.

And the contoured finger positions help grab better on heavy down strokes.

The soft gel palm protector provides a cushion support for your palms when doing overhead presses while walking.

You'll find using these grips will avoid numb fingers, aching hands and forearms.

The straight foam grips from the 1980s cause too much pressure on the inner palm.

This new ergonomic grips provides close to 98% contact of hand and grip.

This relieves the pressure during an intense Heavyhand workout, especially near the nerves ulnaris, preventing the hand from getting numb.

Additionally this grip will help from overstraining your median nerve resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome as well as aching wrists are prevented.

Plus you can clean them after each workout.


And they look really cool too, no so 80s


June, 21st

Hi Michael,

I am very happy to have found theses weights. They look like very good quality. It's amazing how hard it is to find this heavy if a weight in the original product. They must not have made many or people are really hanging onto and using them!

No need for the book but thanks for the offer.

I appreciate the great service!



Hello Michael -

Thank you!

The order arrived yesterday, just as you promised. Looks Good!


Heavyhands Weights System VS Dumbbells, Wrist Weights And Weighted Gloves.

You do not want to use regular hand weights for extended pumping during aerobic training like you do with the heavy hands handles and weights.

Below is an outline of some of the advantages and disadvantages of each

The purpose of this information is to give you an informed overview why you may want to consider the patented heavyhands handle with weights over dumbbells, wrist weights or weighted gloves.

The Heavyhands exercise handle and weight structure is particularly adapted for aerobic and related extended-time type exercises.  

These aerobic hand weights are made for prolonged and extended use in aerobic exercises.

Dumbbells have long been used for exercise purposes.

In general, they have been designed for use in arm, shoulder and chest development in a standing position.   

The dumbbells which have been available have been quite satisfactory for such purposes.

But dumbbells are not satisfactory for use in the correct performance of aerobic exercises in which hundreds or even thousands of repetitions of movement are involved as compared with the relatively few repetitions of conventional dumbbells.

We all know that aerobic exercise has been found to be highly effective in adapting the body, particularly its heart muscle and skeletal muscles, to utilize oxygen at higher rates.

Running, jogging and walking have achieved a new dimension in physical fitness regimens.

The effectiveness of this training may be augmented to a surprising degree by loading the limbs of the person doing the exercise.

Hand and leg weights serve this purpose well; however, the limiting factor in the use of conventional dumbbells is the gripping power of the hand which tends to fatigue more rapidly than the large muscle masses of the arms and legs.



Hello Michael,

Received the HH weights yesterday!!! Brilliant!!!

I went out this morning for my workout and was immediately taxed by the extra weight!!! Wow what a wimp!!! However, once I warmed up I initiated my regular routine and was able to cut the reps by more then half with a real serious burn. Definitely took the workout to another level! Thanks for reminding me to take it easy and not get hurt.

Thanks brother for a great product! While not cheap it is money well spent!!





Aerobic exercises by their very nature are prolonged in duration, frequently extending over periods in excess of an hour.

Thus, the limiting factor of gripping power is a very real and significant and limiting one for such exercises.

Wrist weights have been proposed; however, the effective lever arm is lengthened by placing the weights in or on the hands.

Moreover, the comfort factor is a real consideration, for wrist weights are frequently uncomfortable and tend to chafe the wearer.

Weight gloves are a highly satisfactory means of adding the desired weight for aerobic exercise but are limited by inherent practicalities of glove size and comfort.

In order for a hand weight or dumbbells to be acceptable for use in aerobic exercises it must meet the following criteria. 

1)  Capable of supporting exercise of long duration.

2)  Prevent undue spasm of the arm and hand musculature by a soft, yet firm hand engaging means extending over the back of the hand

3)  Capable of releasing the hand muscles from the necessity and burden of gripping a dumbbell shaft continuously, so as to promote optimal circulation of blood, reduce the likelihood of untoward elevation of blood pressure and promote prolonged exercise

4)  Be able to support the continuation of very rapid arm movements of extreme amplitude, including a succession of abrupt starts and stops which would be traumatic to skin, muscles, ligamentous and joint structure of the hand if not protected

5) Permits the exerciser to determine his pulse count without removing the weight from the hand.

6) Suitable for all ambulatory exercises involving both arms and legs, i.e. walking and running.

7) Ensure the safe use of the dumbbell during exercise in which the hands attain an inordinately high velocity. During such exercise the force involved tends to cause the weight to be disengaged from the gripping hand, increases the exerciser’s concern and effort and diminishes his freedom of motion.

Heavyhands handles are highly satisfactory for use in aerobic exercises. It satisfies all of the foregoing requirements.

Its form is such that the hand can be relaxed periodically and the constant isometric contraction of the hand and forearm muscles, which is a severe limit in prolonged exercise with dumbbells, is reduced markedly.

This relaxation serves to increase the blood flow to the gripping fingers and to reduce greatly the likelihood of the muscle spasm which frequently aborts such exercises prematurely when using conventional dumbbells and like weights.

The handle portion of the heavy hand handle is covered with a soft foam and a resilient backing and may be contoured to conform generally to the shape of a user’s hand and fingers when in the gripping position.

This provides a self-adjustment not available in any dumbbell and the hand can remain partly relaxed during aerobic exercises.  

In this position, the hand weight will be held on the hand with the fingers relaxed so that its use is not dependent in any way upon the continuous strength of the user’s grip.

A foam or spongy cellular surface aids in the frictional gripping action of the hand weight on the hand of the user. And the foam dries rapidly after “sweating”.

If your hands start to sweat holding dumbbells, you may have them slip from your hands due to moisture and a prolonged weakening of the hand.

I hope this helps.

To place you order for custom made weights to fit your AMF Heavyhands handles, contact Michael by text or cell 858-692-9461

We can make you sizes and weights from one to ten pounds.

The best thing about Heavyhands walking is the money and time saved. Heavyhands replaces treadmills, Nordic tracks, weight equipment, and gym memberships, at a much lower cost. They are also very portable and can be taken to the office or on trips.

Because of their low cost, compared to gym equipment, many professionals buy two sets and leave one at the office. Having Heavyhands available negates the need to jump in the car and dash off to the gym for an abbreviated workout during lunch time.

Questions or orders e-mail

See These Muscle Improvements in 14 Days Using Weighted Hands

* See your abdomen become a taught wall of muscle

* Lift and broaden sagging shoulders

* Transform weak arms into pillars of strength

* Develop a chest that’s deep and powerful

* Strengthen your back, forearms, wrists, biceps, and Tris.


Use weighted hands in your own home for 14 days. WE PROMISE RESULTS! You’ll FEEL and LOOK stronger. Results YOU can actually SEE in a mirror and measure with a tape!

There’s no need to undress, no need for strenuous exercise, no need for expensive gym visits.

Now build the body you’ve always wanted. Just minutes per day in the PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME can start you on the way to a magnificent muscle packed body!

Yes, just thirty minutes a day for 14 days prepares your body for the massive upsurge in muscle about to take place.

Then increase it as you get stronger – that’s all!

And watch how your abdomen becomes a taught wall of muscle!

See your chest become deep and powerful!

Your back and shoulders, broad and strong.

Watch as day by day your thighs grow thicker, your handshake manly and confident.


Weighted Hands Were The world’s best-selling body-builder back in the 1980s, because they work for men and woman of all builds giving them their FINEST possible physique in the FASTEST possible time – all without strain!

The exercises take only minutes per day. Each work on the principle of auxotonic contraction. Even the full program takes only minutes a day!

That’s incredible! Using the amazing principles of auxotonic contraction.



"Heavyhands Weights Don't Grow On Trees - See How They're Made"

Recently, I received a complaint about the "high price" of my custom made to order heavyhands weights. So I had to educate him on what actually goes into each set of your fat burning, body sculpting walking hand weights. You'd think this man thought these weights grow on trees.

So I went into the shop and shot some photos at our Southern California plant where these puppies are made.  Scroll down through some of these photos and let me share just a little about the birth place of your set of heavyhands ad on weights for men.

Here's a stack of cut and partially machined five pound blanks. I don't know if you're aware of the cost of solid steel these days but it's through the roof. 1080 steel is not cheap. You'll pay about $1.78 per pound. You can do the math. Four, five pound weights equals twenty pounds. Multiply $1.78 times 20 and you're looking $35.60 just on material cost.

These five pound blanks in this photo above have been drilled. This is the hole that your heavyhand handle will screw into to hold the weight. The hole shown still need to be tapped and threaded. And to do this, it take special equipment found in a certified machine shop like the one your weights are made in. The tread must be precise so your weights don't fall onto your head during your heavyhands workout. Ouch! That would hurt.

You would not believe how many steps it takes to get to the final product. I only understood this when I had the chance to actually make them personally.  And keep in mind, that you've not even seen the cutting off the steel bar step that came before this part of the manufacturing  process. If you think you can just pop these into a machine and the finished part magically pops out ready to screw onto the end of your heavyhand AMF handles, you're sadly mistaken.

You are looking at the measurements on a Fanuc high production CNC lathe-mill. These machines are incredibly accurate. They can measure the thickness to the one thousandth of an inch. That's incredibly accurate!

We use a chamfer bit to creates a uniform chamfer on the inside edge of all our weights to add character, while retaining a crisp geometric line. You won't see it once it's on your heavyhand handle, but your know it's there. It's just an extra design element that we feel is important and onc that you'll grow to appreciate.

Here's where we tap your weights to give it the proper thread. This is the hole you'll twist your AMF Heavyhands handles onto. You're ensured a nice tight fit that goes in perfect each time you take your weights off or onto your handles.

We made sure to clean the hole thoroughly by blowing out the chips from the drilling process. Any chips in the hole may cause the tap to snag while we're creating the threads. By clearing the hole, we ensure your threads are cut properly during the tapping process and that your weights won't fall off during your workouts.

Each Heavyhand ad on weight is weighed so you can calculate workloads and kilocalories you are burning during a Heavyhand workout.

Custom Heavyhands Weights Made To Order For Men Email or call or Text 858-692-9461 for special order, lead time and weights